5 American-Made Mother's Day Ideas March 21 2014, 0 Comments

Mother's Day is right around the corner. I know what you're thinking - wasn't Christmas just last week?

Well, it feels like it! Here in New England we're still at an average of 30 degrees and the first day of Spring has come and gone. Before we know it, the warm weather will fill our lives with nothing but happiness while we bask in the Summer sun. I just completely skipped over the Spring season - but this year, it deserves it!

Back on track. Mother's Day is May 11th this year. What is better than showering your Mother, whatever you may call her (Mom, Ma, Mum, Mommy, Mama...) with American-made gifts? You'll be supporting your local makers and community while she gets that special something that makes her feel like the best Mom in the world. Because she deserves it, right?

American Made Idea #1: For The Accessory Lover

Some Moms just love their jewelry. Can you blame them? These Porcelain Rope Studs are those perfect and unique pair of earrings she's been looking for. 

Buy the Porcelain Rope Studs here.

American Made Idea #2: For The Handbag Savvy

Does your Mom love handbags? A big tote to carry around all of her belongings, something that fits a sweater for those cold days at the office or a last minute trip to the movie theater? This Flagship Tote is for her! 

Buy the Flagship Tote here.

American Made Idea #3: For The Writer

Thoughts. They're important. Whether you write a daily journal, a to-do list or observations of monkeys in the rainforest! I know what you're thinking, the rainforest? Ok, well - maybe your Mom likes to write at the pool, around your kids, while they're doing cannonballs and splashing water all over the place. That's where this awesome All-Weather Waterproof Notebook comes in - she can even dunk in the pool with it, with them!

Buy the All-Weather Waterproof Notebook here.

American Made Idea #4: For The Traveler

Sometimes I have all this stuff I want to take with me on a trip - and never one Accessory Bag big enough. I end up taking 3 different bags and taking up way too much room. You know? Well - this Accessory Bag just seems to be the perfect size for everything. And, it comes in two different colors. It can't be beat!


Buy the Emerald Accessory Bag here  or  The Striped Accessory Bag here.

American Made Idea #5: For The Pet Lover

Does your mom love her four-legged friend more than you? Kidding! Really though, you know what I mean. Any pet lover wants the best for their little snuggy schmoopy bubby boo. (Or Buddy, or whatever you may call him/her...) Don't know what to get her? Get Mom's best friend a new collar to show off on their walks around town.


Buy the Crabby Collar here  or  It's A Whale Collar here  or  Maine Lobster Collar here.

Whatever you choose - she's guaranteed to be one happy woman! How can she not - I mean, she has you for a kid, right?

By the way - Father's Day is just one month later...