5 Reasons To Buy American-Made April 07 2014, 0 Comments

For the past few years I've been slowly making a lifestyle change. First off, I've adopted the less is more mentality. Less material things, more experiences. I invite you to try it for just a short time - as it is kind of liberating! However, when I *do* purchase something (I've also taken to making my own clothing - but that is another story) the first thing I do is look at the tag. Where is it from? If it's *not* from the USA - do I really need it? Can I find it somewhere created by a USA-maker and support our local community instead? So many questions!

The answer is: YES. Most of the time I can find what I want from a USA-maker or create it myself. It sometimes takes a bit of effort and I turn into a crazy google-searching maniac. I'll tell you though, when I find that perfect product it is SO exciting! It's been a great change for me and part of what influenced me in creating Made By Jessica Lynn.

Speaking of, when I explain to people a big part of what Made By Jessica Lynn is about I often get the question, "Why American-Made?" To some of you, this may seem like a silly question. It's valid, though - and I'm going to explain why.

1. Jobs. Buy American and part of our efforts goes to keeping jobs in the good ole' USA. That's right. We keep our economy growing. It's as simple as that!

2. The environment. Many other countries have little or no regulations in regards to responsible environmental practices. Manufacturers abuse the soil, air and water. Here in the USA, we have those regulations in place. Be a tree-hugger - save the earth!

3. Community. When we purchase from local businesses, we support our community. We support our neighbors growth. Our kids' future. Come together and we'll cultivate together.

4. Independence. As the USA grows industrially, we are able to look at our own resources rather than looking to other countries for support. Seeking independence brings more business to our country, and purchasing domestically makes you an active part of reducing the US's trade deficit.

5. The future. Purchasing USA-made goods allows us to support ourselves and our families domestically. It's not just about a future, it's about a bright future. Don't you feel good contributing to that?

Now, with all of that said - I realize that going 100% American-made is simply not a possibility for most. We live in a technology-based society where the majority are made overseas.

BUT - I ask you this. For the next month, pay attention to what you're buying. Look at the labels. Make a conscious effort to buy the US-made product vs. the product made in China or Bangladesh or India or... wherever. It'll make you feel good about yourself. Promise!

(Now get to it... and SHOP!)